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Teacher Workshop at Shell Mound
Southeast Region, April 29, 2005
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As the temperature rises and skies clear, Spring Fever is soon to set upon our students but no worry; Levy County teachers have a cure ? field trips to the refuge. Last weekend, Levy county fifth-grade teachers attended a teacher workshop at the Lower Suwannee Wildlife Refuge and played in the mud. The group started the day at Cedar Key Library's Community Room to familiarize themselves with the US Fish & Wildlife Service, the refuge system, and the Lower Suwannee's Environmental Education Program offered to all. After the morning of inventorying the huge Discovery Trunks of learning tools and books, the teachers went out into the refuge to discover on their own. The refuge Friends group provided the bound copies of the ?Environmental Education Teacher Resource Guide? as well as moral support. The President and Veep of the Friends of the Refuges provided refreshments, assistance to teachers during group activities, and for the grantors, photo-documentation of the workshop. In anticipation of her class field trip, Bronson School teacher Anne Williams said,? I can?t wait to get started sharing all the information with my class and peer teachers.

Contributed by: Pam Darty, Refuge Ranger, Lower Suwannee & Cedar Keys NWRs, Chiefland, FL

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