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Service participates in dedication ceremony for Central Texas Sustainability Partnership
Southwest Region, April 16, 2005
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On Saturday, April 16, 2005, the U.S. Army unveiled a cooperative venture between numerous federal and state agencies, non-government conservation organizations, and private landowners for the conservation of endangered species at Fort Hood, Texas. The Central Texas Sustainability Partnership is specifically designed to protect and enhance the habitat of two federally-listed endangered birds, the golden-cheeked warbler and black-capped vireo, while easing training restrictions on the Fort, the nation's largest active duty military base. The partnership will emphasize habitat management by landowners surrounding the Fort, an effort which was spearheaded by the Central Texas Cattlemen's Association in response to the Service's recent biological opinion to the U.S. Army concerning modifications to the Fort's logistical and training needs requirements. During the ceremony announcing the partnership, held at the Nichol's Ranch near Fort Hood, State Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs observed, ?This strategic partnership is a role model that is extraordinary in scope and an innovation for environmental issues on other military bases across the country. It's a ground-breaking approach not only in protecting natural resources and endangered species but in ensuring our military readiness as well.? The Department of the Interior was represented at the ceremony by Deputy Assistant Secretary, David P. Smith. The Service was represented by Texas State Administrator, Renne Lohoefener, Arlington Ecological Services Field Office Supervisor, Tom Cloud, and Endangered Species Coordinator, Omar Bocanegra.

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