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KOYUKUK: Refuge Manager Allows Special Subsistence Moose Hunt
Alaska Region, March 6, 2005
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In early March a five-day subsistence moose hunt was held on Koyukuk National Wildlife Refuge. For a week prior to the hunt, registration permits were available to hunters in the villages of Huslia and Hughes, Alaska. Eighteen permits were issued for the hunt. As a result, ten cow moose and one bull moose were harvested. Refuge Information Technician Orville Huntington, who is stationed in the Village of Huslia, was instrumental in administering this hunt, especially for conducting pre-hunt outreach.

One year prior, public testimony in Huslia convinced the federal advisory body, the Western Interior Regional Advisory Council, that a March federal hunt opportunity was needed because of the absence of a state-sanctioned season. As a result, the Federal Subsistence Board let the Refuge Manager decide whether to have a hunt. With the availability of recent moose survey data, Refuge staff consulted with the Council and with the appropriate State advisory committees for the Koyukuk River and Middle Yukon River areas. Refuge staff also held lengthy discussions with Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game staff. Koyukuk NWR and Bureau of Land Management decided together to allow the hunt.

This is the first time that in-season authority for federal subsistence wildlife regulations was delegated to a Refuge Manager by the Federal Subsistence Board. Agency personnel and advisory committee chairs agreed that the written record of decision process worked in the public's best interest.

For further information please contact Geoff Beyersdorf, the Refuge's Subsistence Coordinator, at 907-656-1231.

Contact Info: Kristen Gilbert, 907-786-3391, Kristen_Gilbert@fws.gov
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