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Southwest Region, February 25, 2005
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During the course of providing botanical expertise and technical assistance to the Nature Conservancy of Texas and Legacy Land Trust over the past year, staff from the Clear Lake Ecological Services Field Office made several significant botanical discoveries which were subsequently published in peer reviewed scientific journals. These publications will add to the knowledge of several poorly understood plant species and their habitats, and other introduced plant species with weedy potential. The articles are as follows: Rosen, D. J. and R. B. Faden. 2005. Gibasis pellucida (Commelinaaceae), a new and potentially weedy genus and species for Texas. Sida 21 (in press); Rosen, D.J. and S.D. Jones. 2004. Eleocharis mutata (Cyperaceae) new to the flora of North America north of México. Sida 21: 1153-1160; Rosen, D.J. and B.J. Christoffersen. 2004. Rediscovery of Cyperus cephalanthus (Cyperaceae) in Texas. Phytologia 86:107-109; and Rosen, D.J. 2004. Noteworthy collections of Cyperus drummondii (Cyperaceae) from Texas Sida 21(1): 495-497.

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