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Barrow Students Meet Teddy Roosevelt
Alaska Region, February 23, 2005
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High school students from Barrow escaped the cold this week with a trip to Anchorage to learn about the field of natural resources. Five Barrow 9th graders, their teacher, and their Service high school student host visited the Alaska Regional Office on February 23rd to learn about the Fish and Wildlife Service. The students were greeted by Regional Office staff that work with research projects in the Barrow area. Susanne Miller from the Marine Mammals Division talked to the students about her research on polar bears; Paul Flint from the US Geological Survey discussed his research on eiders, brant, and climatic change in northern Alaska; and Kevin Painter from Visitor Services introduced the Refuge Information Technician program in which native Alaskans serve as liaisons between Refuges and villages. All of the Barrow students had seen a polar bear, but few of them had heard of the Fish and Wildlife Service. Today's visit, arranged by Maeve Taylor from Visitor Services, enticed the students to learn more about the world of science and a possible career with the Fish and Wildlife Service.

As the students prepared to leave the RO they paused to take a group picture. One of the girls suggested, ?Let's take it with this guy!? ?This guy? turned out to be a cardboard cut-out of Teddy Roosevelt ? allowing for an impromptu introduction of President Roosevelt's role in the conception of the National Wildlife Refuge System.

The week-long visit to Anchorage was part of a sister school partnership between the Barrow High School and Anchorage's King Career Center. In May, select students in the King Career Center's Natural Resources Management program will visit Barrow to participate in the annual whaling festivities and learn about life in the arctic.

Contact Info: Kristen Gilbert, 907-786-3391, Kristen_Gilbert@fws.gov
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