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Southwest Region, February 1, 2005
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Robyn Cobb, Corpus Christi Ecological Services Field Office (CCESFO) biologist, presented information summarizing past projects and current programs targeting conservation of Piping Plovers on the Texas coast at the invitation of the American Bird Conservancy and the Army Corps of Engineers who hosted a day-long workshop on wintering Piping Plovers. The plover workshop took place on Jekyll Island, Georgia, on February 1, and was followed by three additional days of presentations and group discussions regarding the interface between shorebirds and other water birds, and the impacts of dredging and beach renourishment projects. Subsequent to the workshop, several attendees expressed interest in various aspects of Piping Plover research, monitoring and/or habitat conservation projects in Texas and in Tamaulipas, Mexico. On February 18, a Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) biologist visited CCESFO to discuss potential avenues for implementing surveys in the region of the Laguna Madre de Tamaulipas as part of the 4th International Piping Plover Census scheduled for winter 2006. The CCESFO plans to assist two other CWS biologists on February 24 and 25 in their search around the Corpus Christi Bay area for Piping Plovers banded on the breeding grounds in Saskatchewan during the past 4 years.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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