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Southwest Region, January 13, 2005
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Pat Clements from the Corpus Christ Ecological Services Field Office, along with Steve Helfert from the Albuquerque Regional Office and Lewis Gorman from the Service's Washington D.C. Office, participated in a cooperative workshop with representatives of the U. S. Navy, U. S. Marines and others to further refine the draft metrics that have been developed for determining the effectiveness of the Navy's Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans (INRMP) and the successfulness of the Navy's partnerships with the Service and the state fish and game agencies. The workshop was held in San Diego, CA.

As outlined by the Navy leadership, the need for metrics measures is multifold: resources are tight; staffing is being reduced; and there is an increasing need to be efficient and effective with the projects and programs they promote. All of this combined is the driving need for a system which lets leadership know how well the Navy is doing, and provides leadership with the information necessary to react and correct problems as well as reward accomplishments. To this end, the six, previously developed focus areas: Assessment of Implementation (of the INRMP); Partnership Assessment; Staffing Adequacy; Installation Mission; Listed Species; and Ecosystem Integrity were further assessed and refined. The next major step in this effort will be the merging of the Navy's metrics process with a similar process developed by the Marines, in order to have a unified system of measuring INRMP effectiveness for the Department of the Navy. Future efforts may include developing a unified system for the entire Department of Defense.

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