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I-69 Concurrence Point #1 Completed
Southwest Region, December 6, 2004
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The I-69/TransTexas Corridor Streamlined Multi-Modal project advanced another notch at the December 6, 2004 Technical Advisory Meeting held in Austin, Texas. The criteria that will be used to evaluate project corridor alternatives was approved at that meeting. The Purpose and Need Statement and the Study Area had already been approved at the August 11, 2004 TAC meeting. FWS is represented in both the TAC and the Steering Committee. Staff from the Corpus Christi, Arlington, and Clear Lake ES Field Stations participated in evaluating the deliverables in concert with the Service committee representatives.

With Concurrence Point #1 now completed, the I-69 Planning Team will start work on Concurrence Point #2 deliverables, i.e. identification of Preliminary Corridor alternatives. Thirty-five public meetings will be scheduled between March and April, 2005 throughout the 1,000-mile route with final decisions and approvals (Concurrence Point #2) by the TAC scheduled in July, 2005.

Present schedules call for the Final Tier I EIS and ROD to be completed by the Fall of 2006.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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