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Public Support sought for the East Texas Black Bear Conservation and Management Plan
Southwest Region, October 28, 2004
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The Arlington Ecological Services Field Office has been working with a committee of State, Federal, and Private stakeholders to develop the East Texas Black Bear Conservation and Management Plan 2005 -2015. The Plan was produced in the spirit of conservation, and was built upon a sound foundation of public-private partnerships involving private landowners, private corporations, state and federal agencies, and conservation groups interested in the restoration and management of suitable habitat for the black bear. The stakeholders associated with the development of the Plan identified several goals that must be accomplished within the next decade (10 years) to inform and educate the public on the black bear and its habitat needs. These goals involve increased public coordination and communication, including bear-human conflict management, habitat management, research activities, and development and distribution of information and educational materials. In order to accomplish the goals addressed in the Plan, specific strategies and objectives strive to promote public awareness through outreach while providing public and private biologists and willing landowners with the technical knowledge to increase or enhance suitable black bear habitat throughout East Texas. Research will be directed toward habitat restoration, with a clear goal of public approved repatriation of breeding females within suitable habitat in East Texas. At least five public meetings are planned prior to January 2005 throughout East Texas to receive public comments on the East Texas Black Conservation and Management Plan. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will be working with other cooperators to develop and distribute news releases to solicit public participation in these meetings. The success of the Plan will ultimately depend upon the strengths of these partnerships and the public and political support required to restore a federally threatened sub-species, the Louisiana black bear, to the forests of East Texas.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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