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Crafty Asian Carp Avoids Recapture Attempts
Midwest Region, September 15, 2004
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Fishery Biologist Andy Starostka from the Columbia Fishery Resources Office assisted the U.S. Geological Survey-Columbia Environmental Research Center in the attempted capture of a telemetry and archival tagged silver carp in the Lamine River, a medium size tributary of the Missouri River. Gill and trammel nets were used to barricade the tagged carp and the Columbia FRO electrofishing boat was used to drive the fish into the nets. The tagged fish was able to avoid capture though it had passed through or around several nets. USGS personnel had attempted to capture this particular fish several times before and it had shown this uncanny ability to avoid capture each time. Approximatley 200 other Asian carp were captured in the process. Aging structures were collected from many of them and will be used in an ongoing ageing study at Columbia FRO. Recapture of a specific fish has been found to be difficult even when the exact location is known while others of the same species are captured in the same area. We do not give these 'simple? animals enough credit to detect and avoid sampling gears in which they have been previously captured.

Contact Info: Larry Dean, 612-713-5312, Larry_Dean@fws.gov
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