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ARCTIC, KANUTI & YUKON FLATS: New Interpretive Exhibits Greet Visitors to Fairbanks Federal Building
Alaska Region, October 25, 2004
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Visitors to the Arctic, Kanuti and Yukon Flats Refuge Headquarters and the Fairbanks Fish and Wildlife Field office are now welcomed by new high-quality interpretive displays that were installed throughout the Fairbanks Federal Building in late October. Upon entering the lobby at the main entrance of the building, visitors can now peruse a large topographic relief map of the state of Alaska that features all sixteen refuges in Region 7, as well as communities that host other Fish and Wildlife Service offices. The map also includes all villages within and adjacent to the three Fairbanks-based refuges, and is accompanied by panels describing the ?Work of the Service? in the Fairbanks region.

On the second floor, three large, colorful, hand-painted murals depicting habitats of the Arctic, Kanuti and Yukon Flats Refuges greet the public as they exit the elevators. The lobby of the Refuge headquarters features several new exhibits, including a migration map with fiberoptic lights that illustrate the migratory routes of several northern fish, mammals and birds; panels describing the National Wildlife Refuge System, public use opportunities at the Fairbanks based refuges and the work dedicated employees of these refuges perform throughout the year; and museum quality wildlife mounts.

The Fairbanks Fish and Wildlife Field offices on the second floor also house several striking new exhibits, including several interpretive panels and an alcove case featuring University of Alaska Fairbanks museum artifacts from northern Alaska Native cultures. In addition, the already present and always popular ?native fish? aquarium received a new facelift, now sporting a realistic background and an updated case that showcases fish that frequent the waters of northern Alaska streams and rivers.

These new exhibits, in combination with two impressive wildlife mounts that were recently donated to the Refuges by a local award-winning taxidermist, provide a welcoming and informative environment to the public who visit the headquarters of the Arctic, Kanuti and Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuges, the Fairbanks Fish Wildlife Field Office, and even the Internal Revenue Service and Senators? offices!

Contact Info: Kristen Gilbert, 907-786-3391, Kristen_Gilbert@fws.gov
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