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Gila Trout Broodstock Development Progressing
Southwest Region, October 5, 2004
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Gila trout broodstock are making strides at Mora NFH&TC. Today,October 5, 2004, 21 wild, juvenile South Diamond lineage fish from South Diamond Creek were removed from isolation, marked and integrated into the founder population. These fish have passed the required fish health inspection, and were weened off live feeds and are on commercial feed to maximize growth.

Together, with 45 Mogollon Creek fish and 28 South Diamond creek fish previously introduced to the station, will form the founder population of South Diamond lineage Gila trout. It is anticipated that these fish will be spawned in the spring of 2006 according to the "Genetic Broodstock Management Plan"

Gila trout, the only endangered trout in the US, is on the verge of being downlisted to threatened. The recovery plan calls for, among self sustaining wild populations, captive broodstocks of Main Diamond, South Diamond, Spruce Creek, and Whiskey Creek lineages.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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