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YUKON DELTA-Yukon Delta Wild Goose Chase
Alaska Region, July 16, 2004
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Twenty-four of approx. 80 "missing" Tule white-fronted geese were located on Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge this month. This is the first documented use of Yukon Delta Refuge by this "at-risk" population which numbers around 8,000 birds. The geese, some of which wore radio transmitters, were located along the Atchuelinguk River in the northeastern portion of the Refuge. The U.S. Geological Survey had asked Refuge Manager Mike Rearden to be on the lookout for the missing birds that had not been located on their traditional molting grounds on Innoko NWR. Flying over the Atchuelinguk on a different mission, Rearden noticed large flocks of white fronted geese. The next day, with the frequencies of the missing birds in hand, 20 of the birds were located. A few days later an additional four birds were located.

Contact Info: Kristen Gilbert, 907-786-3391, Kristen_Gilbert@fws.gov
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