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WUI Project Removes Nuisance, Reduces Fire Starts
10 Region, April 1, 2004
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Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, CA 04/01 - Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge near Sacramento recently completed a fuels reduction project. An old abandoned ranch house that is on Refuge land has been a trespasser hangout for years. A similar abandoned farm house had at least one fire that was started there. The WUI project called for the removal of the old ranch house and adjacent garage along with an old pump house and other out-buildings. Built-up fuels and other debris were removed as well to reduce the hazards to firefighters.

California Conservation Crews were contracted to buck, limb, split, and prepare trees that had been cleared for delivery to the nearby Brannan Island State Park. US Fish and Wildlife Service Fire Staff from Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge provided oversight to the CCC crews and completed the main chainsaw work. The California Department of Parks and Recreation then used the wood for campers that visit the park, helping to prevent destruction of park resources by wood collectors.

The project removed the structures to clear hazardous fuels and prevent illegal campfires, fireworks, and smoking.

No contact information available. Please contact Larry Dean, 612-713-5313, larry_dean@fws.gov
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