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Environmental Education Fact Sheets
10 Region, March 1, 2004
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Two new fact sheets on environmental education in the NWRS have been developed and are being translated into pdf files enabling the regions and field stations to download them on an as needed basis. These fact sheets have been developed to help promote environmental education in the NWRS and can be used at conferences, workshops, special events that deal with outreach, education and interpretation. The two fact sheets will also be posted on our website. The two fact sheets are: "The Nature of Learning" which is a framework that supports community-based environmental education programs that use national wildlife refuges as outdoor classrooms and seeks to promote a greater understanding of conservation issues while enhancing student academic achievement. The other fact sheet, "Instilling a Sense of Wonder - resources for environmental education" lists several FWS and NWRS national and regional education resources that include the internet and curriculum.

No contact information available. Please contact Larry Dean, 612-713-5313, larry_dean@fws.gov
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