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Missouri Dove Hunting Season -Opener
Midwest Region, September 2, 2003
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The Missouri dove hunting season began Monday, Sept. 1. As in past years, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Law Enforcement worked with the Missouri Department of Conservation on a joint enforcement detail in the ?Boot-heel? area of Missouri. The opening day was nice but it was followed by rain. During the opening day, and half of the second day, law enforcement officers documented a total of 141 violations (134 violations and 7 warnings). Fifty-six federal citations and seventy-eight Missouri state citations were issued. The federal citations added up to $21,900.00 dollars in fines. The following is a breakdown of citations:

Dove Violations:

Total Federal Violation 33 26 50 CFR 20.24 - Over-limits 31 18 50 CFR 20.72 - Violation of State law to wit: failure to keep separate and identifiable /tagging and labeling violations 16 0 Hunt w/out small game permit 12 0 Take doves from across a public roadway 12 1 50 CFR 20.21(b) - unplugged shotguns 08 8 50 CFR 20.21(i) - take doves over bait 06 1 50 CFR 20.20 - no migratory bird permit 01 1 Shoot from a motor vehicle 04 1 16 USC 703: take protected species ____ ____ 123 56

Other State Violations: State Warnings:

04 ? trespass 02 ? no migratory bird permit 04 ? under-length bass 01 ? failure to retrieve 02 ? fish w/out permit 01 ? park in unauthorized area 01 ? park in unauthorized area (C.A.) 01 ? over-limit ____ 01 ? labeling violation 11 01 ? continue to hunt after taking a limit ____ 07

Over 500 doves were seized and one little blue heron in a white phase. The lead over-bagger had 36 doves from the first day and was up to 15 doves when approached on the second day. The majority of the citations came from Dunklin Co., MO (borders Arkansas). The officers never had time to work the upper half of that county.

Contact Info: Larry Dean, 612-713-5312, Larry_Dean@fws.gov
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