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KODIAK: Hitting the Pavement with Salmon (Pop-up Salmon Camp)
Hear the youth of the Kodiak Refuge Salmon Camp describe camp and find out what question stumped the campers.

TETLIN: Lynx travels over 250 miles from Yukon Territory, Canada, to Kenny Lake, Alaska
Instagram page for the Northwest Boreal Lynx Project with photo, video, and project updates
KODIAK: A Successful Seabird Survey Season

Photos from June and August Marine Bird Surveys on Kodiak Island.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/robin_corcoran/albums/72157669807532423 https://www.flickr.com/photos/robin_corcoran/albums/72157671745612130

SAN DIEGO NWR COMPLEX: SoCal Urban Wildlife Refuge Project Brings Environmental Education to Under-served Areas
More information on the SoCal Urban Refuge Project can be found here:
Bird-friendly habitat created along Lake Michigan Shoreline
Chicago Tribune Article
HOPPER MOUNTAIN NWR COMPLEX: Pasadena Audubon Society Young Birder's Club become official Condor Ambassador's
Complex website link
Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge pollinator relocation
Southern Illinois Beekeeping Association (S.I.B.A.)
Celebrating Bugs in Hoosier Land!
Official website for Bug Fest
SAN DIEGO BAY NWR: Bilingual, Scavenger-Hunt Nature App Takes Flight
Refuge Website:
U.S. Coast Guard air-lift preserves Monomoy Point Lighthouse, Monomoy Wilderness
Cape Cod Chronicle news video

Cape Cod Times article with photos and video

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