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US Fish & Wildlife Service FieldNotes

Meadow Elementary Students Participate in SNAP! event held by Lower Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office

Region 5, June 14, 2013
" I like this picture because the flower was beautiful and I wanted to take it to my mom." -K.Wells - Photo Credit: n/a
"Flowers grow on plants!"- A.Quesnell - Photo Credit: n/a
"The tree makes it look like a shadow. The leaves block out the heat. The sunshine shows the way so we can see." -K. Mercer - Photo Credit: n/a

On May 23rd and June 14th, third grade students from North Tonawanda’s Meadow Elementary got outdoors to experience nature through a camera lens during SNAP! events. Students were given a digital camera and a clipboard with a scavenger hunt full of interesting facts about nature and various techniques to photograph it. Biologists from the Lower Great Lakes Conservation Office (LGLFWCO) encouraged students to observe the natural world around them as they led students through a trail in the local Pinewoods Park. While walking through the open and forested areas students took pictures of deer, birds, squirrels, flowers and various patterns in leaves and bark. The scavenger hunt challenged the children to get a point of view they would not normally have by getting on their hands and knees to thoroughly inspect small leaves and flowers for interesting details and to find leaves of various colors and shapes. Students were taken back to the school, given healthy snacks, and chose their favorite pictures they took earlier that day. They each described why that photo was their favorite and what it reminded them of. The next week at school, Service biologist Kelly McDonald returned to the school to deliver the photos to the children, now with their typed reflections on the matte space inside the frame with the picture. One hundred children and seven teachers participated in the event.


The SNAP! (Students, Nature and Photography!) Program is supported in part by The Great Lakes Experience, the friend’s group of the LGLFWCO. The program provides students an opportunity to experience nature and photography.

Contact Info: Kelly McDonald, (585) 948-5445 ext.2223, Kelly_McDonald@fws.gov