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STOCKTON FWO: Dinner with a Scientist

Region 8, November 15, 2012
Patricia Brandes with students at the 15th Annual 'Dinner with a Scientist'.
Patricia Brandes with students at the 15th Annual 'Dinner with a Scientist'. - Photo Credit: n/a

The Stockton Fish and Wildlife Office participated in the San Joaquin County Office of Education’s 15th Annual Dinner with a Scientist, held on November 15, 2012, at the Wentworth Education Center in Stockton, Calif.

The Dinner with a Scientist Program is a forum for local middle and high school students to interact with scientists from different disciplines. Patricia Brandes, a fish biologist with the Stockton FWO, was one of 30 scientists at the dinner. The event was attended by approximately 50 teachers and 150 students from San Joaquin County schools.

Students and teachers were divided into small groups with one scientist at a table. The students and their teachers switched tables twice, giving them the opportunity to talk with more scientists. The students and their teachers learned about science and science careers from the scientist sharing their table.

The program also included a 20-question, science competition and a presentation by Dr. Frank Chuang. Dr. Chuang spoke on “Why do you want to be a scientist?” Two other speakers talked about telescope scholarships and star nights sponsored by the Stockton Astronomical Society, and the Faraday Lecture Series at the University of Pacific for middle school students. The Dinner with a Scientist program has grown beyond San Joaquin County, and events are now being held in Merced, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne counties as well. The event is a rewarding experience for scientists, teachers, and students.

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