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US Fish & Wildlife Service FieldNotes

Great Swamp Celebrates Migration With Sunset Walks

Region 5, November 16, 2012
Barred Owl on the trails
Barred Owl on the trails - Photo Credit: n/a

In celebration of National Wildlife Refuge Week 2012, Friends of Great Swamp NWR and refuge staff, invited the public to witness migration of waterfowl arriving at the Refuge impoundments each evening. Volunteers explained the importance of the refuge system during the walk to the viewing area. One evening, refuge staff drove a van for visitors unable to make the hike. There were 119 participants, including 5 people who rode the van, and many first-timers and families. Sightings included lots of ducks and geese, hawks, woodpeckers, snipe, warblers, sparrows, frogs, bats and a river otter. Not only did participants see a wide variety of water fowl and other wildlife, they shared a passion for our Refuge.

Contact Info: David Sagan, 413-584-8002, david_sagan@fws.gov