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US Fish & Wildlife Service FieldNotes

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge Partners with New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife to Band Doves

Region 5, October 2, 2012
Morning Dove
Morning Dove - Photo Credit: n/a

The fourth season of mourning dove banding at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) has been completed with a total of 172 doves banded this year. This is a record breaking year for the refuge shattering our previous high of 144. For the fourth consecutive year the Great Swamp NWR has banded more doves than any other location in New Jersey. The state wide mourning dove banding program is coordinated by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife by state biologists Ted Nichols. The state provides the bands and millet for bait while the refuge provides the volunteers and staff to work the traps on a daily basis.


This program is always a great draw for volunteers as the banding season provided interns and volunteers the opportunity to learn more about morning doves such as how to age and determine the gender of captured birds.

Contact Info: David Sagan, 413-584-8002, david_sagan@fws.gov