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US Fish & Wildlife Service FieldNotes

Birding Festival

Region 2, May 8, 2012
Birding Tour on Little River NWR.
Birding Tour on Little River NWR. - Photo Credit: n/a

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, and the Idabel Chamber of Commerce hosted the 4th annual birding convention in McCurtain County, Oklahoma. The four day event took place May 5-8, 2012 at the Mary Herron Community Conference Center located in the Museum of the Red River in Idabel, Oklahoma. There were 24 avid bird watchers from 10 different states that attended the convention. Participants at the convention were provided tours to Red Slough Wildlife Management Area, Little River NWR, and the McCurtain County Wilderness Area. The convention provided nightly programs from well-known and recognized professionals. Dr. David Krementz provided a programs on “King Rail Breeding Ecology and Importance at Red Slough”, Dr. Doug Wood provided a program on “Ecuador Birds”, and Nancy Newfield provided a program on “Confessions of an Obsessed Hummingbirder”.

Contact Info: David Weaver, (580) 584-6211, david_weaver@fws.gov