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US Fish & Wildlife Service FieldNotes
RENO FWO: Beatty Habitat Committee and Reno FWO Join to Host Beatty Days Celebration for Amaragosa Toad Protection 
Region 8, July 28, 2010
Michael Burroughs assists a
Michael Burroughs assists a "future biologist" with toad data collection.  (USFWS photo by Jeannie Stafford) - Photo Credit: n/a

In October, the Service joined the Beatty Habitat Committee during a Beatty Days celebration and hosted games and activities focused on the Amargosa toad.  The Beatty Habitat Committee, a local organization, is dedicated to habitat protection for the Amargosa toad, which only occurs in the Oasis Valley in southern Nye County, Nevada

Many of the youngsters at the event came back again and again to play the toad feeding game (tossing insect bean bags into a toad's mouth), the hopping game, and to play scientist by collecting data on toads.  The big hit of the booth was the terrarium with live toads. 

Although many adults said they had toads in their yards, they were eager to get a closer look at them.

Service employees included Christiana Manville, Michael Burroughs, Brian Novosak, and Jeri Krueger, who thoroughly enjoyed assisting the Beatty Habitat Committee with the event. 

Contact Info: Jeannie Stafford, 775-861-6300, jeannie_stafford@fws.gov