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US Fish & Wildlife Service FieldNotes
SACRAMENTO NWR: Snow Goose Festival Takes Flight!
Region 8, January 25, 2009
Snow geese on Sacramento NWR. (USFWS photo: Steve Emmons)
Snow geese on Sacramento NWR. (USFWS photo: Steve Emmons) - Photo Credit: n/a

By Denise Dachner, Sacramento NWR

Thousands of birding and nature enthusiasts gathered near Chico, Calif., in late January to attend the 10th Annual Snow Goose Festival.  The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex (Refuge) once again provided outstanding support for this four-day event.  Preparation for the event began months earlier. Refuge Volunteer Marilyn Gamette and Planner Jackie Ferrier served on the 24-member steering committee that organized 43 indoor exhibits.  They also assisted with programming that provided 18 presentations / workshops; 50 fieldtrips/events; a three-week “Uptown/Downtown Wildlife Art Exhibit,” and an evening “Gathering of the Wings” banquet! 


Refuge staff members Joe Silveira, Steve Emmons, and Mike Peters led birding tours including:  “Llano Seco Ranch Fly-Off and Fly-Over”, “Vina Plains to Pine Creek & the River,”, “Sacramento Refuge Fly-Off” and “Colusa National Wildlife Refuge”. Also, Steve and Mike stunned their audiences with their breathtaking photographs during their workshop PowerPoint presentations: “Basic Nature & Wildlife Photography” and “All Those White Geese!”


Refuge Manager Kevin Foerster reminisced about the festival, “I was very pleased to see about 200 people, some with children in their laps, packed into a room to catch a glimpse of Marilyn’s live owls and hawks during her Raptors and Rehab presentation,” Foerster said. “It was amazing that the people on Steve’s (Emmons) tour were able to spot not only all three of the North American teal species loafing on a couple of islands, but also four bald eagles (first-year through adult) perched or flying by one tree!”


The Sacramento Refuge, along with 29 other sponsors, is very proud to assist such a dedicated group of people and play a part in organizing this premier wildlife festival.  If you are interested in attending the Snow Goose Festival in the future, or just want to learn more about their accomplishments, visit their website . 



Contact Info: Jennifer Stockton, 530-934-2801 x15, jennifer_stockton@fws.gov