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US Fish & Wildlife Service FieldNotes
NEVADA FWO: Students Explore Nature at Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge
Region 8, May 13, 2008

Jeannie Stafford
Approximately 60 second grade students from West End Elementary School in Fallon, Nevada, spent the day at Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge, participating in various activities to learn about the refuge as well as their environment. After a tour of the Refuge, students participated in a game of wildlife jeopardy; fluttered around as butterflies to find their habitat; checked off items in nature on a walk to a new observation platform; learned to use binoculars and identified water fowl; and were able to net some pollywogs.  The day culminated with a demonstration of a rocket net used to capture birds and a picnic lunch. 


Contact Info: Scott Flaherty, , Scott_Flaherty@fws.gov