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US Fish & Wildlife Service FieldNotes
SACRAMENTO: 2007 Salmon Festival Report and Schools Day
Region 8, October 13, 2007

By Al Donner, Sacramento FWO
The 2007 Salmon Festival at Nimbus turned out to be a highly successful event with strong attendance at FWS activities in spite of unexpected rain on the Friday Schools Day. The festival also was a excellent example of intra-program cooperation, with 29 Service people (including 4 "significant others") volunteering -- 17 ES people from Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office, 7 fish folks from Stockton FWO, and 5 from CNO.

Schools Day
The unexpected rain Friday morning prompted a move of 4 of the 5 programs indoors, relocate 3 outdoor activities close to it. Inexpensive rain ponchos were provided for the outdoor events, including a "Fishing in the City" activity that allowed some city kids to use a fishing pole for the first time in their lives! We had 137 young people participate, have fun, learn about salmon and wildlife, and stay relatively dry.

Salmon Festival
The rain cleared out fand during Saturday and Sunday afternoons the FWS exhibit was packed with people. The FWS display was built around the theme of "Conserving America's Fisheries." Stockton FWO staff stayed thru Saturday afternoon because of the crowd, although they had only planned to be there in he morning. Stockton also provided the rotary screw trap, always a crowd attraction. We had our salmon displays, activities and materials to educate the visitors (including a brochure in Spanish as well as English) and Stone Lakes NWR display, plus volunteers who greeted visitors in the Seamore salmon costume.

Staff who volunteered at Schools Day event:

Sacramento FWO - Valary Bloom, Martha Stevenson, Carolyn Fassler, Harry Mossman, Jennifer Hobbs, Kathy Brown, Sherry Byers, Sheila Larsen, Debbie Giglio, Viola Taylor

Stockton FRO - Heather Webb, Angelina Bourandas, Jerrica Lewis

CNO - Cesar Blanco, Alexandra Morton

Staff who volunteered at Festival booth:

Sacramento FWO - Stephanie Rickabaugh, Sherry Byers, Victoria Poage, Viola Taylor

Stockton FRO - Phil Voong, Greg Nelson, Paul Miklos, Jennifer Messineo

CNO - Alene Thomas, Laura Valoppi

Staff and family members who volunteered at the Festival as Seamore and handler:

Sacramento FWO - Debbie Giglio & Husband, Kathy Brown, husband & daughter. Mike Welsh & Wife,

CNO: Dale Garrison

Contact Info: Scott Flaherty, , Scott_Flaherty@fws.gov