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US Fish & Wildlife Service FieldNotes

Green Bay Yellow Perch Assessment Model Gets Update

Region 8, April 30, 2007

John Netto worked with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to consolidate the necessary data and update the Green Bay Yellow Perch stock assessment model. 


This year’s model runs indicate that the fishable biomass in the population is continuing to increase driven largely by the recruitment of the 2003 year class to the commercial and recreational fisheries. 


This large year class followed by other moderately sized year classes has also dramatically increased the size of the spawning stock of yellow perch. 


The females from the 2003 year class should be fully mature for the 2007 spawning season which will, hopefully, result in increased level of recruitment for years to come. 

Contact Info: Scott Flaherty, , Scott_Flaherty@fws.gov