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US Fish & Wildlife Service FieldNotes
Wildfire Brings Opportunity for Renewal
Region 9, July 6, 2004
Havasu National Wildlife Refuge, AZ - In 2002 the Refuge awarded Ducks Unlimited a $20,165 contract to complete a plan and topographic survey for habitat restoration on 400-acres of the Hippy Fire. The fire had been in an area on the lower Colorado River choked with Saltcedar (also known as tamarisk.) Saltcedar is a small, invasive tree introduced from Asia early last century. It's a highly fire-adapted plant and dangerously flammable.

The Refuge and Ducks Unlimited recognized the Hippy Fire as an opportunity to control the invaders and restore native habitat. This native vegetation is far less flammable than salt cedar, which is important in this WUI area where the community of Mojave Valley and the Avi Casino have been threatened by wildfires in the past. The restoration plan was completed in 2002 and restoration work on the project by the Refuge is ongoing. When completed, native cottonwood and willow will be restored to the burn area through planting and flood irrigation, restoring habitat for waterfowl in this Refuge popular with hunters and outdoorsman.

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