Chesapeake Bay Field Office
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What you can do?

Instead of draining or filling wetlands, maintain wetlands. They offer excellent recreational opportunities, provide habitat for wildlife and improve the water quality in local waterways.

Instead of constructing bulkheads to reduce erosion, use vegetative alternatives such as marsh planting, sometimes fronted by rock barriers known as riprap. Shoreline vegetation anchors sediment in place, absorbs wave energy and creates habitat areas.

Buy and collect Federal Duck Stamps, available at post offices and National Wildlife Refuges. Duck Stamp funds have acquired nearly 4 million acres of wetlands.

Become involved with local issues that may affect wetlands in your community. Each small parcel of wetlands lost leads to a cumulative loss of wildlife, clean water and recreation. Wetlands have real value to all of us. By protecting wetlands now, we ensure that the values they provide will be preserved for future generations.

What can you do?


Why are wetlands so important?

Wetlands need our protection.

What can you do?

Last updated: January 28, 2011