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Schoolyard Habitat: Links to other resources

If you know of an exceptional link that has practical information for schoolyard habitat projects, please send us the URL so we can add it to the list.

Schoolyard, Backyard Habitat and Related Education Sites

Backyard Conservation. A program of the USDA, Natural Resource Conservation Service. The site has information about backyard wildlife/conservation practices.

Learning Through Landscapes. Pioneer organization in the UK dedicated to school grounds enhancement.

National Gardening Association. NGA is committed to providing quality resources, services, networking opportunities, and professional experiences to help educators use plants as a springboard to advance education.

National Wildlife Federation
. Schoolyard Habitats Program,

School Nature Area Project. A Minnesota based organization dedicated to environmental education using local nature areas including schoolyards.

State Education and Environment Roundtable. A cooperative endeavor of state education agencies working to improve student learning by incorporating the environment into curricula and school reform.

Learning Grounds. This is a Vancouver-based program to assist teachers in the use of the schoolyard for inquiry based education.

Wildlife and Habitat

A Thousand Friends of Frogs. Hamline University.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
. Information about the important role of pollinators.

Butterflies of North America. An electronic field guide by state with photographs and species accounts of all butterflies in the U.S.

Butterfly Haven. Includes an extensive list of articles about butterfly and related backyard wildlife gardening.

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. Has educational programs including classroom bird watch and project feeder watch.

Maryland Native Plant Society. Provides a list of MD native plants by habitat, a nursery list, techniques to control of invasive plants and more.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Contains information about Maryland's natural resources including a seedling list from the state tree nursery.

North American Bluebird Society

Pete’s Pond Page. Information about ornamental ponds.

Pond Rushes. Information about ornamental ponds.

Save Our Streams-Stream Study project. A easy to use water quality assessment tool that includes methods, assessment form and macroinvertebrate key.

The Butterfly website planting guide

USGS Northern Prairie Research Center. An extensive site with a wealth of natural history information and photographs of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects and their habitats. And much more.

Virginia Native Plant Society. Provides infomation about the native plants of Virginia.

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Last updated: January 28, 2011