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Would you like to see more birds, mammals and other wildlife on your land? If you answered yes, then the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program may be just right for you. Partners for Fish and Wildlife is a national program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. By forming partnerships with private landowners, conservation groups, and other government agencies, the program protects and restores important fish and wildlife habitats. It is a voluntary program that builds on the strengths of many committed individuals and organizations to accomplish common goals.

The Partners for Fish and Wildlife program has targeted priority areas including: farmed or drained wetlands, drained vernal (spring time) ponds, riparian habitats, native grasslands, salt marshes, and upland communities.

The Service will consider any non-federal land for inclusion in the Partners program, regardless of size, provided the project meets the goals and guidelines of the program. The Partners for Fish and Wildlife program can provide interested landowners with biological expertise and funding; in return, landowners sign an agreement (with attached site management plan) that the habitat will remain in its restored condition for at least 10 years (agreements for 20 years or longer are preferred).

By strengthening existing partnerships and developing new ones to protect, enhance, and restore natural areas, the Partners program benefiits fish and wildlife. The commitment by private landowners and other partners is essential for success. The Service's Partners for Fish and Wildlife staff looks forward to working with you to restore fish and wildlife resources. Our newest project is the . . .

South River Greenway

Kentucky Warbler. Photo by Steve Maslowski
Kentucky warbler. Photo by Steve Maslowski

Connecting People With Nature

In the heart of fast developing Anne Arundel County, Maryland lies a natural jewel. Nestled between busy communities and highways, are two of the largest remaining contiguous forests in the county. The forests and wetlands harbor unique plants and a large diversity of migratory birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. 

A movement to preserve and restore habitat in the South River watershed has been quietly building. Groups including The Scenic Rivers Land Trust, The South River Federation, The Trust For Public Land, Biophilia Foundation, Anne Arundel County and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Chesapeake Bay Field Office have joined together to protect the forests, wetlands, streams and wildlife in the South River Greenway and to provide opportunities for the public to enjoy this great natural resource.

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Although originally intended to restore degraded wetlands, the Partners for Fish and Wildlife program now includes uplands and riparian (streamside) areas. By 1997, the Chesapeake Bay Field Office's Partners program restored 1054 acres of wetlands, 4 miles of riparian habitat, and 232 acres of uplands in Delaware and Maryland.

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