Chesapeake Bay Field Office
Northeast Region


Accomplishment Highlights

Aug 2012
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Finds “Foster Homes” for Osprey Chicks

Jul 2012
Biologists and Volunteers Band Over 600 Brown Pelicans in Chesapeake Bay
Water buffalo help Delaware’s wildlife

Jun 2012
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Instructs Maryland Port Administration on Minimizing Impacts to Nesting Birds

Apr 2012
Deputy Director Tours Fish Passage Facilities of the Susquehanna River
International Journalists Tour Local River For Answers to Global Problems
Schoolyard Habitats and Conservation Measures Earns Maryland School Green Ribbon Recognition

Jan 2012
Educators Receive Training on Junior Duck Stamp Contest Basics
Agreement Cements Commitment to Maryland Partnership for Children in Nature
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Confirms Nutria Population in Delaware

Dec 2011
Chesapeake Bay Field Office’s Measuring the Value of a Liaison Webinar Presented for Federal Highway Administration
Chesapeake Bay Field Office’s Support to Maryland Translates into Successful Restoration
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Presents in National Green Schools Webinar Series
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Presents the Stream Functions Pyramid Approach to Restoring Streams in a Webinar
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Recognized for Exceptional Environmental Stewardship
Native Plant Websites Featured at Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council Conference.

Nov 2011
Environmental Protection and Stewardship Plays Huge Role in New Maryland Toll Road
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Hosts the 6th Mid-Atlantic Stream Restoration Conference
Chesapeake Bay Field Office: Restoring Urban Watersheds Starts With Streams
Protecting Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) in the Eastern United States
Catfish Tumors in the South, Severn, Rhode, and Choptank Rivers: Survey 2004-2008

Oct 2011
Group Aims to Rid the Delmarva Peninsula of Damaging Nutria

Sep 2011
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Convinces Corps “Wrong Place, Wrong Plan” for Wetland Creation Project

Jul 2011
Poplar Island: the Power of Collaboration
Golden Eagle Wintering Population Discovered on Maryland’s Eastern Shore!

Jun 2011
Reef  Will Complete the Hail Cove Living Shoreline Project
Fish Increasing at Hail Cove Living Shoreline Project    
Home Grown Oysters Create Underwater Habitat and Improve Water Quality 
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Connects Kids With Nature at Local Bay Days Event
Experts Select Representative Species to Guide Conservation in the Mid-Atlantic

May 2011
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Protects 600 Acres of Vital Migratory Bird Habitat
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Connects People With Nature
Elementary Students Learn about Chesapeake Bay Species and Their Habitats Firsthand at Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge
Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge Completes 31 Acres of Forested Buffer Restoration
Middle School Students Take Charge of Creating Schoolyard Wildlife Habitat

April 2011
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Biologist Speaks at Local School
Appalachian Stream Mitigation Workshop
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Co-Presents at Maryland Seminar Series
Chesapeake Bay Field Office - Partnerships to Benefit Trust Fish Species in Virginia
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Supports Sea Duck Research
Appalachian Stream Mitigation Workshop
New Schoolyard Habitat Guide Now Available

March 2011
New Publication and Model Estimates Risk to Birds from Ingesting Lead Shot and Contaminated Grit
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Works With Private Landowners To Restore Bog Turtle
Chesapeake Bay Blog Features Biologists in the Field

February 2011
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Promotes Outdoor Exploration with Chesapeake Childhood Discovery Hour!
Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education Conference
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Trains "Stream Wader" Volunteers
Chesapeake Bay Field Office's Stream Restoration Kicks Off in Washington D.C.

January 2011
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Biologist Frees Cooper's Hawk Trapped in the Library of Congress

November 2010
• 21st Century Classroom Conference Includes Chesapeake Bay Field Office
Schoolyard Habitat Math: It All Adds Up!

September 2010
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Hosts Delegation From Southeast Asia
Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge Participates in Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel Atlas Project
Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge Partners with Chesapeake Bay Field Office to Improve Monitoring for Endangered Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel

June 2010
Ecotoxicology of Amphibians and Reptiles, 2nd Edition Emphasizes the Effects of Contaminants on These Declining Populations
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Uses LiDAR to Identify Delmarva Fox Squirrel Habitat

May 2010
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Connects Students With Nature Using Schoolyard Habitats
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Assists Army with Bald Eagle Surveys

April 2010
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Receives Coastal America Award
Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge Hail Cove Habitat Restoration Team Receives Recognition with Coastal America Award
Chesapeake Bay Field Office - Building Bridges to Nature
Reforestation Work on Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Biologists Release Brown Pelicans to Smith Island in Chesapeake Bay
Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge Partners with the Friends of Eastern Neck and the Center for Environment & Society at Washington College to Develop Education and Outreach Programs

March 2010
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Service Receives Environmental Award from Baltimore Gas and Electric
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Conducts Wetland Restoration Workshop With State Partner
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Video Reveals the Splendor of Poplar Island Restoration
• Chesapeake Bay Field Office Biologist Coauthors Papers on Catfish as Habitat Quality Indicators

January 2010
• Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Office and Chesapeake Bay Field Office Coordinate Comments on Conowingo Hydroelectric Project
• CBFO Workshops help State Partners Develop Conservation Plans to Benefit Threatened and Endangered Species
• CBFO Coastal Program Protects the 2,500th acre ln the Pocomoke River Watershed
• CBFO Protects Rare Butterfly Habitat and Forests
• CBFO's Poplar Island Wildlife Restoration to be Highlighted at DOI Conference on the Environment
• CBFO Hosts Chinese Conservation Delegation
• CBFO Coastal Program Conservation Partnerships Awarded National Coastal Wetlands Grants

December 2009
• CBFO Protects Another 1,660 Acres in the Pocomoke River Watershed
• Mature Forest Protected: South River Greenway Grows
• To Catch a Mockingbird: (Safety First)
• South River Greenway a Top Conservation Priority for Washington D.C. Region
• CBFO Leads Outdoor Exploration in South River Greenway

November 2009
• CBFO Coastal Program Protects the 800th Acre in the Pocomoke River Watershed
• CBFO Environmental Contaminants Staff Present at Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Meeting
• Volunteers Provide Finishing Touch to Little Catoctin Creek Restoration Project
• CBFO Stream Staff Presents Innovative Techniques at the Mid-Atlantic Stream Restoration Conference

October 2009
• Forest Buffer Restored in South River Greenway
• Voice of America Tours Chesapeake Living Shorelilne Project
• Living Shorelines for the Chesapeake Bay: They're Working!
• CBFO Conducts Natural Channel Design Review Methodology Course

September 2009
• Living Shoreline Protects Fragile Eastern Neck Habitat

August 2009
• Connecting Kids with Nature -- Chesapeake Bay Field Office and Girl Scouts Ceate Schoolyard Habitat
Update: Eagles Removed from Maryland Airport Doing Well

July 2009
• Chesapeake Bay Field Office Completes Stream Assessment Protocol
• Natural Channel Design Review Course is a Hit!

June 2009
CBFO's Stream Habitat Assessment and Restoration Program Affects Stream Restorations All Across the Country.

Apr 2009
Easement Protects Critical Coastal Bays Habitats.
Programmatic Consultation Will Help NRCS Determine Effect of Activities on Endangered Species.
Innovative Approach Streamlines Protection for Chesapeake Bay Endangered Species.
Native Oyster is Preferred Approach For Restoration.

Mar 2009
Wicomico Wetlands Protected.

Jan 2009
Mutiple Partners Come Together to Save a Gem.

Nov 2008
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Partner Named Maryland Conservationist of the Year.
Restored Wetland Featured in The Nature Conservancy’s News.

Sep 2008
Hungry Goats: The Newest Tool For Bog Turtle Restoration.
Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge's Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle Population Continues to Expand.

Aug 2008
Grant Will Help Protect Land in Greenway!
Excluding Livestock Protects Potomac River

May 2008
Living Shoreline: A New Approach To An Old Problem.

Mar 2008
450 Acres of Coastal Salt March Restored with Ditch Plugs.
Osprey Adventure

Dec 2007
1,400 Acres Protected for the Endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrel.

Nov 2007
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Teams Up with Ducks Unlimited and Others to Restore Prime Wildlife Habitat.

Oct 2007
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Gives New Life to Stream in Potomac River Watershed.
Heinz Refuge Marsh Restoration Project Will Add 12 More Acres to Tinicum Marsh.
Marsh Restoration Project Will Add 12 More Acres to Tinicum Marsh at John Heinz National Widlife Refuge.
Connecting Children with Nature Through Their Own Schoolyard Wetland.

Jul 2007
Exciting Find in Maryland Wetland.
Shoreline Restoration Project at Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge.

Jun 2007
Army Honors Chesapeake Bay Biologist.

May 2007
• Lower Great Lakes Fishery Resources Office Conducts HACCP Training Workshop at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge.
Schoolyard Habitat Program: Reconnecting Children with the Outdoors.

Apr 2007
Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge Participates in Annual Shad Festival.
Schoolyard Habitats Highlighted at Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators (PAEE) Conference.
230 Afforestation Acres Completed on Delaware Agricultural Land.
Delaware Residents Discover Many Restoration Programs Fit Their Needs.

Mar 2007
Poplar Island Habitat Project on Washington Fox 5 News.

Jun 2005
CBFO Develops Partnership with MD DNR for Fish Passage Projects.
Chesapeake Bay Field Office begins restoring the U.S. National Arboretum's Hickey Run.
Chesapeake Bay Field Office helps District of Columbia design stream restoration project.

Mar 2005
Combined Computer Data Helps Recovery Efforts for Delmarva Fox Squirrel.

Jan 2005
Donation Supports Learning on Nutria Eradication Program.
Schoolyard Habitat Program Sees Growth Spurt in 2004.

Nov 2004
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Efforts Control Invasive Plant In Bay's Tidal Marshes.

Sep 2004
CBFO's On the Wild Side Premiers as First Service E-Newsletter.
Chesapeake Bay Coastal Program Contributes to Monocacy Management Area Forest Restoration.

Jun 2004
Removal Permit Signals Successful Approach to Eliminating Obsolete Maryland Dams.

May 2004
Chesapeake Bay Field Office Biologist Participates in International Breeding Waterfowl Survey.

Jan 2004
National Hydric Soils Committee to Review Delaware Soils.

Dec 2003
Outreach to Realtors Seeks to Protect Delmarva Fox Squirrel.
Invasive Plants Publication Becomes Multi-Agency Project.
Maryland Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program Finds New Niche.

Sep 2003
Geographic Analysis to Benefit Endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrel.
Grassland Bird Habitat Increased at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.
Delmarva Conservation Corridor Project Restores Habitat, Links Refuges.
Report Focuses on Conserving Chesapeake Bay Fish, Wildlife and Habitats.

Jul 2003
Investigation of American Eel Passage at Great Falls on the Potomac River--Study Update, May 2003.

Jul 2004
Maryland Spill Settlement Creates Duck Habitat in South Dakota.

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