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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recognizes the key role played by individual States in conserving wildlife and plants. Under Section 6 of the Endangered Species Act—Financial Assistance to States and Territories—the Service provides funding ("Conservation Grants") to States with which we have cooperative agreements.

CBFO provides funding to States to participate in a wide array of conservation projects on non-Federal lands for candidate, proposed, and listed species.

States can also participate in Safe Harbor Agreements

Recent Service Conservation Grant awards to CBFO Partner States:

  • Recovery Land Acquisition Grants
    • Easement aquisition for dwarf wedge mussel, State of Maryland
        Funded $225,000 FY2005
    • Delmarva fox squirrel habitat protection in Nanticoke River Watershed
        Funded $267, 183 FY2004
    • Easement acquisition for bog turtle, State of Maryland
        Funded $265,000 FY2002
  • HCP Planning Grants
    • Development of Delmarva fox squirrel and timber harvesting HCP, State of Maryland
         Funded $128,625 FY2004
    • Development of comprehensive Delmarva fox squirrel and bald eagle HCP, Sussex County, Delaware
        Funded $202,500 FY2002
  • HCP Land Acquisition Program
    • Habitat protection for Delmarva fox squirrel, Home Port HCP, Queen Anne’s County, Maryland
        Funded $1,012,450 FY 2002

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