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Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office Public Affairs

Jane Hendron
Public Affairs Division Supervisor
Ph: 760-431-9440 ext. 205

Jessica D'Ambrosio
Public Affairs Specialist
Ph: 760-431-9440 ext. 251



The Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office’s Public Affairs Division provides information and assistance to Congressional offices, other agencies, media outlets, and the general public about Service activities. 

Within our area of responsibility, which includes the Palm Springs Fish and Wildlife Office, we have 107 federally threatened or endangered species, approximately 22 million people, 27 Congressional districts and

35 federally recognized tribes.

Several Fish and Wildlife Offices in California and Nevada have realigned their respective office boundaries. Click here for a map showing the new boundaries.

For a complete list of species and associated documents within the jurisdiction of the Carlsbad office, please view our CFWO Species Status List page.

Carlsbad's news releases and associated species documents may be found at CFWO Species News, Photos and Info. All information is categorized by species name. At this site, you will also be able to access various data through the Service's Environmental Conservation Online System (ECOS),, and Flickr web pages.

To view news releases throughout our Pacific Southwest Region - California, Nevada, Klamath Basin, please visit our Regional Office's comprehensive News Release site.

You can also learn more about fish and wildlife activities and accomplishments from employees across the United States through our Service's Field Notes, Social Media Hub, and Daily News Blog.

Photo Images

The Service has a collection of still photos that are public domain. If you want to obtain an image, please visit one of our many digital media libraries.

When using images, we ask that proper credit be given to the photographer and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Photo images of species within Region 8 may be found below:

Pacific Southwest Region Flickr; National Digital Library; NCTC Image Library



Helpful Websites

Endangered Species Act Document Library:

Endangered Species Program Frequently Asked Questions:

Renewable Energy Development in Region 8:

Climate change:

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives in Region 8:

Federal regulatory actions:

Migratory Birds:

State of the Birds Report:

Birds of Conservation Concern:

Birds of Management Concern:[1].pdf

Fire Program:

USFWS Law Enforcement:

Children and Nature:

Field Notes:

California Department of Fish and Game:

Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory:

*USFWS Customer Service Center:; 1-800-344-WILD

**The USFWS operates this Center, a national toll-free telephone and email response team to assist the public with inquiries, requests for literature, and public comments across a broad spectrum of government agencies.







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