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Conservation Partnerships Program

Boat containg marsh plants waiting to go to restoration site. Habitat restoration of the eastern arm of the Colorado Lagoon in Los Angeles County, CA. Siting burrowing owl nest boxes at Lake Mathews Reserve in Riverside County; L to R - Brian Shomo-Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency, CFWO staff - Jason Stayer, Clark Winchell, Erin McCarthy, Susie Tharratt, Mark Pavelka.


The Conservation Partnerships Program is the Service’s overarching program that provides voluntary, cooperative opportunities in habitat restoration for migratory bird and endangered species conservation, as well as environmental education with non-federal groups or entities. It is a collaborative approach to conservation by empowering people to become stewards of the land.

Here at the Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office (CFWO), our Conservation Partnerships Program works with a myriad of partners who share common goals and interests in conserving, using, and enjoying our natural resources. Our partnerships have included local municipalities and non-profits, land conservancies, research entities, private landowners, school groups, corporations and numerous other interests.

We provide on-the-ground conservation for federal trust resources through the implementation of our financial and technical assistance programs. The four primary programs that operate within CFWO's Conservation Partnerships Program Division are: Coastal, Partners for Fish and Wildlife, Section 6 Grants (Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation), and Schoolyard Habitat.

These programs not only build partnerships, but also establish agreements and instigate actions to accomplish conservation goals.

We want to help our partners solve their land management challenges because we recognize the value of their expertise and creativity to help us become more effective in our conservation efforts for fish, wildlife, plants, and their habitats.

If you would like to discuss our office's programs in further detail, please contact Clark Winchell, Conservation Partnerships Program Division Supervisor, at 760-431-9440 x275, or by Email:

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Southern California/San Diego Bay Coastal Program

Black skimmers at San Diego Bay NWR/Photo credit: USFWS

CFWO's Southern California/San Diego Bay Coastal Program works closely with partners to voluntarily conserve coastal ecosystems in San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles counties.

We work with federal and state agencies, local jurisdictions, and non-profits to implement projects located on federal, state, local or private lands. Additionally, we provide financial and technical assistance for on-the-ground coastal habitat conservation. 

The project areas we conserve occur in and around estuaries, lagoons, bays, dunes, beaches, rivers, and rare uplands.

Because of our coastal habitat conservation efforts, the following federal trust species have benefitted:  western snowy plover, light-footed clapper rail, salt marsh birds' beak, California least tern, Pacific pocket mouse, least Bell's vireo, Belding's savannah sparrow, San Diego fairy shrimp, inter-jurisdictional fish, and migratory shorebirds.

The types of project activities our Coastal Program can help with include:

  • Restoring or enhancing native coastal habitats;
  • Providing permanent protections (conservation easements and land acquisitions) of coastal habitats;
  • Offering technical expertise for planning comprehensive conservation projects;
  • Conducting research to make informed management decisions; and
  • Broadening the public’s understanding of habitat functions, fish and wildlife, and the benefits of having healthy wildlife habitat (e.g., improved water quality and recreational value)

We are proud of the projects that have been supported through CFWO's Southern California/San Diego Bay Coastal Program. To learn more about what we do, here are a few examples of our projects.

If you are interested in having the Southern California/San Diego Bay Coastal Program Coordinator involved on a project, please contact, Carolyn Lieberman at 760-431-9440 x240, or by Email:

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Articles associated with various events and activities conducted through our Conservation Partnerships Program may be found on the Service's Field Notes site.


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Excavators breaching Salt Pond 11 at San Diego Bay to restore tidal flows Newly planted cordgrass in the restored mudflats at San Diego Bay Egrets and other shorebirds feeding in the newly exposed mudflats at San Diego Bay

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