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For more information about Windmar/San Francisco Wind Farm project please click on the following links to view correspondence from the USFWS Caribbean Ecological Services Field Office (CESFO) regarding the project.


1.  Amendment to the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) for Incident Take Permit (ITP)

    TE104073-2 (Mar 11, 2013) - PDF version 8,946KB

2.  NOA Federal Notice regarding ITP and Supplemental Environmental Assessment (Mar 12, 2013) PDF version 355KB

3.  Memorandum regarding amended biological opinion for the proposed amendment of

     ITP-TE104073-2 (Aug 26, 2013) - PDF version 6,621KB

4.  Memorandum regarding amendment to San Francisco Wind Farm ITP (Oct 18, 2013) -  PDF version 942KB

5.  Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit Amendment (Oct 18, 2013) - PDF version 84KB

6.  Letter from CESFO to San Francisco Wind Farm President (Oct 18, 2013) - PDF version 1,791KB





Last updated: March 14, 2014