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  • The CRFWCO Marking Crew is Back!

    New Auto Trailer Decals 2019, photo by Kyle Beard

    This year, the crew has already visited 2 different hatcheries and PIT tagged over 30,000 fish

    Follow us on Twitter for more photos and video of the crew in action.

  • Species Highlight: Pacific Lamprey

    Pacific Lamprey are an important part of the ecosystem. To learn how USFWS is involved in Pacific Lamprey conservation, click HERE

  • Pacific Lamprey Passage

    Pacific Lamprey return from the ocean as adults just like salmon. They need help passing upstream of dams and barriers too. Check out this video of a Pacific Lamprey using a Lamprey Passage System. Click HERE

Where is the Marking Crew Now?

Tagging Fish for Release

The CRFWCO Marking Crew just returned from tagging Spring Chinook and Summer Steelhead at Dworshak NFH and Spring Chinook at Warm Springs NFH. These tagged fish will be released this spring and their detections at Columbia River dams will allow us to estimate survival and travel time during their juvenile migration to the Pacific Ocean.

Last Updated: February 13, 2020
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