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Southeast Region
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Our Work in the Baton Rouge Community


Four kids in orange tshirts hold an alligator gar used for education purposes

Children at the 2014 Family Adventure Day. Photo: USFWS.

High School Mentor Program

A group of students stand smiling, holding an alligator gar

Smiling students with an alligator gar. Photo: USFWS.


A female USFWS employee and male high school student stand smiling some various equipment

Working with students in the office. Photo: USFWS.


A group of people planting grasses on the beach

Working on the beach. Photo: USFWS.


A smiling little girl in orange holds a picture of a fish

Having a blast at Family Adventure Day. Photo: USFWS.

Most schools near our area require high school seniors to complete a senior mentor project in which each student must choose a mentor for the year in a career they are interested in. We have been fortunate enough to be chosen the past two years and have enjoyed mentoring these young adults, working on their senior projects with them throughout the year. Students gain a huge understanding for what this field is about and what it's like working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They also get to do some pretty cool fieldwork that always makes the other students jealous!


Student Volunteer Group

Our office location on LSU campus has many benefits. We are able to coordinate and work closely with the Renewable Natural Resources and Coastal Science programs from LSU. This allows us to connect with many students, professors, and faculty and allows the students to volunteer and work with us on a daily basis. We are very happy to help students gain experience through volunteering with our office and appreciate their efforts in the field and the office.


Seven people stand holding grasses in hand that they are planting on a beach

Planting grasses on the beach. Photo: USFWS.

Coastal Conservation

As an office that works daily towards the universal goal of restoring and conserving aquatic habitat, we feel it’s necessary to volunteer some time toward projects that do the same. We partnered with the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana and have helped to plants grasses that aid in sediment accretion and preventing coastal erosion. We also bring our volunteer students along and give them the opportunity to be apart of a rewarding activity and meet other professionals and volunteers in their career field.


Connecting People with Fisheries

We think it is a very important part of our job to inform the public on what we do. In addition, and even more importantly we want to inform and educate people and children on why its important to conserve our lands, restore populations, and be a steward of the environment. When a person has a genuine interest or understanding of a particular matter they are more likely to support the issue. We need your support to be able to pass on to future generations the same beautiful rivers and fishes that you have enjoyed for so many years!

Last updated: September 22, 2014