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Conserving the Nature of America
Find Your Way: Florida National Wildlife Refuges video. Credit: USFWS

Find Your Way: Florida Refuges

February 20, 2018
What's in your backyard? Four young Floridians venture out on a weekend getaway exploring four national wildlife refuges. From paddle boarding with manatees to interactive history to discovering trails, adventure means something different for each of these millennials.
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Three generations of Bowies: Lane (from left), Mark and John, wearing hunting gear.
Three generations of Bowies: Lane (from left), Mark and John. Credit: Phil Kloer/USFWS

Making Memories in a Duck Blind

February 14, 2018

For a 12-year-old hunter in Alabama, connecting with family and the outdoors trumps video games, even in the cold, even if he harvests nothing. “It’s fun to be outdoors and take a break from school,” Lane Bowie says, “and I like being with my dad and grandpa.”
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Front of The White House.
The White House. Credit: The White House

President Requests $1.2 Billion Budget for Service in FY19, Proposes Fund to Improve Refuge Infrastructure

February 12, 2018

President Donald Trump has proposed a $1.2 billion Fiscal Year 2019 budget for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that includes proposed legislation to establish a Public Lands Infrastructure Fund. The fund would take revenue from federal energy leasing and development and provide up to $18 billion for repairs and improvements in national wildlife refuges, national parks and Bureau of Indian Education funded schools. The Service's budget also includes $1.6 billion in permanent funding, which is administered to states through grants that support state wildlife and sport fish conservation, recreational boating and other related programs.
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