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Pacific Southwest Region
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Staff Directory for Yreka Fish and Wildlife Office

Office Phone: 530-842-5763
Office Fax: 530-842-4517
Office Email: yreka@fws.gov

Name & Title Phone Number Email
Erin Williams
Field Supervisor
530-841-3112 Erin_Williams@fws.gov
Jenny Ericson
Deputy Field Supervisor
530-841-3115 Jenny_Ericson@fws.gov 
Trevor Super
Native American Program Specialist
530-841-3121 Trevor_Super@fws.gov 
Administration Branch
Xai Leggett
Administrative Officer
530-841-3111 Xai_Leggett@fws.gov
Misty Bradford
Cooperative Agreements Assistant
530-841-3110 Misty_Bradford@fws.gov
Cheryl Carter
Budget Technician
530-841-3100 Cheryl_Carter@fws.gov
Juanita Quijada
IT Specialist


Forest Resources Branch

Nadine Kanim
Senior Wildlife Biologist
530-841-3108 Nadine_Kanim@fws.gov
Jennifer Jones
Wildlife Biologist
530-841-3109 Jennifer_Jones@fws.gov
Laura Finley
Supervisory Wildlife Biologist
530-841-3104 Laura_Finley@fws.gov
Jan Johnson
Wildlife Biologist
530-841-3102 Jan_Johnson@fws.gov
Robert Carey
Biologist (Endangered Species)
530-841-3134 Robert_Carey@fws.gov 
Chad Anderson (Effective 10-05-2015)
Wildilfe Biologist
530-841-3107 chad_anderson@fws.gov
Lyndsay Theurer
Wildlife Biologist
530-841-3113 Lyndsay_Theurer@fws.gov 
John Morris
Wildlife Biologist 
530-841-3130  John_Morris@fws.gov 
Hydropower Branch
John Hamilton
Supervisory Fish & Wildlife Biologist
530-841-3114 John_Hamilton @fws.gov
Ryan Fogerty
Fishery Biologist


Habitat Restoration Branch
Mark Cookson
530-841-3125   Mark_Cookson @fws.gov
Sheri Hagwood
530-841-3126   Sheri_Hagwood@fws.gov
Dave Johnson
Wildlife Biologist
530-841-3106 David_E_Johnson@fws.gov
Co-Located Positions
Matt Baun
Klamath Basin Public Affairs Officer
530-841-3119   Matt_Baun@fws.gov
Brian Woodbridge
R6 Eagle Coordinator
530-841-3101 Brian_Woodbridge@fws.gov

This is a directory of the most current staff of the US Fish and Wildlife Office in Yreka, CA.