Wyoming Ecological Services
Mountain-Prairie Region

Wyoming Ecological Services GIS Data

Below is the GIS data and Google Earth data layers avaialble from the U.S. Fish & Wildlfie Service Wyoming Ecological Services office. Shapefiles and Geodatabases available as .zip files which must be extracted or unzipped before use. All questions and comments about this data should be directed to the Wyoming Ecological Services Office Cartographer Jim Lindstrom (james_lindsrom@fws.gov).

Data available for download


Section 7 Range Data

This data represents Section 7 Ranges for species listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and covers the extent of Wyoming. Section 7 refers to consultation with the Fish & Wildlife Service under the ESA and is defined as the area/s within which, if an action is proposed, potential effects to the species should be considered.  Project proponents are encouraged to contact the FWS Wyoming Ecological Services Office for all work and activities regarding this data.

Section 7 Range was developed from best available data and information.  The Service will modify and refine Section 7 Ranges appropriately as new and more refined data and information becomes available.  If species are found outside the Section 7 Range boundary, the species is NOT excluded from Section 7 Consultation and project proponents should contact the FWS Wyoming Ecological Services Office.


Geodatabase of Section 7 Ranges for all Species (ArcGIS 10.x)

Google Earth Files

These Google Earth files are for Reference use only and not for decision making purposes. Section 7 Range boundaries have been generalized so that the data can be viewed in Googel Earth. For the preciese Section 7 Range boundary please refer to the Shapefiles/Geodatabse above and/or contact the FWS Wyoming Ecological Services Office.



Critical Habitat






Last updated: March 21, 2014