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Colorado Butterfly Plant
(Gaura neomexicana coloradensis)

Status: Threatened

Colorado Butterfly PlantPhoto Credit: FWS


Colorado Butterfly Plant Area Of Influence

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Wyoming Area Of Influence
Colorado Butterfly Plant

Potential Distribution in Wyoming

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Area Of Influence

Areas Of Influence (AOI) identify areas where any project located within should consider potential effects to the Threatened, Endangered, Proposed, and Candidate species and designated and proposed Critical Habitat, in reference to Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, as amended.  AOI typically encompass larger areas than simply where the species is known to exist because of direct and indirect effects to the species and their habitat.  It is important to consider potential effects to the species and their habitat within these larger areas.  Action agencies are encouraged to refer to the Service’s Information, Planning, and Conservation System (IPAC) or contact the FWS Wyoming Ecological Services Office for additional information.  (AOI boundaries based on the best available data at time of development.  AOI will be updated as new information becomes available).

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Species Information

The Colorado butterfly plant (Gaura neomexicana coloradensis) is a perennial herb endemic to moist soils in wet meadows of flood plain areas.  This plant occurs in southeastern Wyoming, north-central Colorado, and extreme western Nebraska between elevations of 5,000 and 6,400 feet.  These plants are often found in low depressions or along bends in wide meandering stream channels a short distance upslope of the actual channel.  Threats to the plant include non-selective herbicide spraying, haying and mowing schedules that inhibit the setting of seed, land conversion for cultivation, and competition from noxious weeds.  Low numbers and limited distribution contribute to the plant’s vulnerability.  Surveys should be conducted during flowering season, which normally occurs in July and August.  Temporal variability in the flowering period exists from site to site and from year to year depending on annual climatic conditions.  Surveys should be conducted by knowledgeable botanists trained in conducting rare plant surveys.  The Service does not maintain a list of "qualified" surveyors but can refer those wishing to become familiar with the Colorado butterfly plant to experts who can provide training/services.  Critical habitat is designated for Colorado butterfly plant in specific wet meadows and riparian areas within Laramie and Platte Counties of Wyoming (see 50 CFR 17.96(a)).


Colorado Butterfly Plant Critical Habitat

Colorado Butterfly Plant Britical Habitat



Counties with Colorado Butterfly Plant Critical Habitat.

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Last updated: April 10, 2015