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Federally Listed, Proposed and Candidate Species

Listed & Candidate Species in Wyoming

Species Lists

Use the links below for distribution, critical habitat, and other species specific information for the listed and candidate species in Wyoming.




Critical Habitat

For a species list of Federally listed Threatened and Endangered species, Candidate species, and Critical Habitat, please use the Fish & Wildlife Services IPaC website. Through IPaC, you can get preliminary and official USFWS species list/s.

The IPaC (Information, Planning, and Conservation) decision support system is a conservation planning tool for streamlining the environmental review process. It provides you, our partners, with the ability to explore the landscape and help you to site your projects in a way that minimizes conflicts with natural resources.

For species specific information use the links in the list to the left.


Preliminary and Official US FWS Species List/s can be obtained throguh

IPaC - Information, Planning, and Conservation System



Last updated: April 10, 2015