White River National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
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Prohibited Acts

Credit: USFWS

Credit: USFWS

  • Hunting with the aid of bait, salt or  ingestable attractant.
  • Use of dogs and/or horses other than specified in brochure.
  • Marking with materials other than bio-degradable paper flagging or reflective tape/tracks.
  • Use and/or possession of alcoholic beverages while hunting.
  • Cutting of holes or other manipulation of vegetation or hunting in such areas.
  • Possessing and/or using toxic shot by hunters using shotguns to hunt small game.
  • All forms of man-deer drives.
  • Hunting in closed areas
  • Firearm hunting from or across roadways, levees, and maintained utility rights-of-way. Exception: (Waterfowl may be hunted in these areas when flooded.)
  • Driving or screwing any object into a tree or to hunt from a tree in which an object has been driven or screwed.
  • Leaving hunt stands after a hunt season.
  • Target practice.
  • Modern gun deer or waterfowl hunting on Kansas Lake Unit.
  • Loaded weapons in vehicle or boat while in power.
  • Cutting, painting or defacing trees.
  • Unleashed dogs, if not actively hunting.
  • Fires outside campgrounds.
  • Littering (including, but not limited to, shotgun shell hulls and cigarette butts).
  • Operating a motor vehicle without a license (driver or vehicle).
  • Boating in the South Unit Waterfowl hunt area except during designated waterfowl hunt periods.
  • Boating in the South Unit Waterfowl hunt area except during designated waterfowl hunt periods.
  • Disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace (including the operation of generators in campgrounds past 10:00 pm) 
  • Also feeding wildlife or collecting plants is prohibited.

No person shall utilize the service of a guide, guide service, outfitter, club, organization or other person who provides equipment, services, or assistance on the refuge for compensation unless the guide, guide service, outfitter, club, organization or person has obtained a Special Use Permit from the refuge. It is your responsibility to verify that the guide, guide service, etc. has obtained the required Special Use Permit.

Hunting, taking, possessing, or attempting to take wildlife with an unauthorized guide, guide service, outfitter, club or organization providing assistance, service or equipment is prohibited.


Last updated: May 10, 2013