White River National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
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Hunting Page

Visitors may print out the user permits from this site and retain these in the field as their permit. Both of the below documents (brochure/permit text and brochure map) must be printed out and with the user at all times. As these are large files, they may take a few minutes to download.


Hunting is prohibited in areas closed to hunting as indicated on the map in the refuge brochure or as otherwise posted.

Beaver, nutria, coyote, and feral hog may be taken incident to any daytime refuge hunt with weapons legal for that hunt until the daily limit of game is taken.

Youth hunters under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult not less than 21 years old and must remain in sight and normal voice contact with the adult. For small game hunts, the adult may supervise no more than two youths. For big game hunts, the adult may supervise only one youth.

Bear Season Closed on all Refuge Lands

General Hunt Regulations


Last updated: August 15, 2013