White River National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
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Trail to the Champion Cypress Tree

Champion tree. Credit: USFWS

Champion tree. Credit: USFWS

Length: 1.2 miles one way. Hiking only, no ATVs. Difficulty level: Easy

Tree Facts: Circumference 516 inches (43 feet), Height 120 Feet. Age unknown

Directions to Trailhead: From hwy 1, turn South on 17 and travel to Ethel. Turn left at Ethel store and follow the paved road to the Refuge entrance. Enter Refuge through the Ethel entrance and turn right towards Smokehouse campground. Drive past Smokehouse campground until you come to a “Y” intersection. Turn left passing over Essex Bayou and travel for approximately one mile. Trailhead will be on your left.

Hiking the Trail: This trail is 1.2 miles one way to the largest tree in the state. Follow this trail for approximately 1 mile, then turn left at the trail intersection taking the smaller trail to the tree.

Cypress Tree trail location map.

Last updated: May 10, 2013