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Wetlands Data Verification Toolset

Effective December, 2011, a new ArcGIS 10 compatible version of the customized Wetlands Data Verification Toolset is available for download. The Wetlands Data Verification Toolset is designed to automate the quality control functions necessary to ensure the data in the Wetlands geodatabase is accurate. It has been designed to address geopositional errors, digital anomalies, and logic checks. This toolset was created using Environmental Systems Research, Incorporated's (ESRI) ModelBuilder, is compatible with ESRI's ArcDesktop 10.0 software suite, only works on File Geodatabases, and replaces previous custom Wetlands Verification Tools. Users are encouraged to download and thoroughly review the updated documentation that accompany the verification toolset.

Note: The table of accepted wetland codes in the Wetlands Geodatabase is updated often. To get the latest table of updated codes, please download the latest toolset file. 

Wetlands Geodatabase Forms

Required and Optional Forms for Contributed Data limitations icon

  • Supplemental Map Information Form — MS Word (32K), Text (2K)
  • Quality Assurance Review of Project Area Form (Optional) — MS Word (12K), Text (1K) 
  • Field Data Form (Optional) — MS Word (28K), Text (6K)

Miscellaneous Forms

  • Request for Entry of Corrected Map Data — MS Word (16K), Text (2K)

Internal Forms (The following forms are for USFWS Internal Use Only)


Last updated: May 12, 2016