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Funding - Recovery of Species

Recovery Program

Purpose - The Recovery Program within the Division of Listing and Recovery coordinates with federal, state, Tribal and private partners to restore habitat and recover listed species throughout Washington State. The Recovery Program also funds conservation actions that may preclude the need to list candidate species or keep species of concern from becoming candidate species.

Eligibility - Private landowners, non-governmental organizations, municipalities, Tribes, and state or federal agencies may submit proposals and compete for funding.

Area - Statewide

Typical Projects - On-ground actions, habitat restoration, education, outreach, research, and other activities that help recover endangered/threatened species, preclude the need to list candidate species, reduce threats to species of concern, or expand our knowledge about species of concern.

Financial Information - Funding availability will be announced mid-summer.  Applicants must provide a 25% minimum cost share.  Awards typically range from $5,000 to more than $20,000.  Last year, we awarded over $750,000 to projects in Washington.

Contact - Joanne Stellini, 360-753-4323

Recovery Land Acquisition

Purpose - Permanent conservation of land that contributes to the recovery of USFWS-listed species by supporting approved federal recovery plans.

Eligibility - Individuals or groups interested in securing land for endangered, threatened, proposed, or candidate species may apply for funds. All applicants must partner with the Washington Department of Natural Resources or the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Area - Statewide/Regional

Typical Projects - Acquisition of land from willing sellers that will support the recovery of threatened or endangered species.

Financial Information - Proposals compete regionally. Minimum 25% non-federal cost share required (cash or in-kind). More than the minimum cost share increases a proposal's competitiveness.

Contact - Joanne Stellini, 360-753-4323


                              For more information on recovery land acquisition, go to http://endangered.fws.gov/grants




Last updated: June 26, 2013
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