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Funding - Habitat Restoration and Recovery Activities

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Washington Fish and Wildlife Office (WFWO) is seeking information on current and future proposed fish and wildlife habitat restoration, education, assessment, and species recovery projects in the state of Washington. We distribute a “Notice of Funding Availability” document each year to inform as many people as possible about partnering opportunities. This document highlights opportunities to work with local offices of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to restore habitats that benefit the Nation’s fish and wildlife resources as well as facilitate community education. Technical assistance is provided to all funded projects. If you would like to work with us to develop a project:

  • Read the Notice of Funding Availability document available below
  • Contact the appropriate biologist to discuss your project and request a project summary form.
  • Return the project summary form to us by the deadline noted in the Notice of Funding Availability. Forms can be emailed to us at FW1restoration@fws.gov and to your USFWS contact.

Projects may consist of restoration, recovery, assessment, or education. Priority will be placed on “on-the-ground” projects that restore or enhance fish and wildlife and/or their habitats, with emphasis placed on well-planned projects benefiting federally listed/candidate species and their habitats or improving listed species populations. Additional emphasis will be placed on projects that work toward a published species recovery goal.

In 2015, our Notice of Funding Availability process helped us to work with our partners to identify important ecosystem restoration and environmental education projects across Washington State. We funded 50 restoration, recovery, and fisheries program projects through our NOFA process in Fiscal Year 2015, totaling over $2,250,000 in Service funds.
For more information on these projects, please see these summary documents:

Roll over the photos below to see "before" and "after" Partners projects.

Seid Bodhi Creek I Project
Seid Bodhi Creek I
Kendall, WA
Whatcom County
Seid Bodhi Creek II Project
Seid Bodhi Creek II
Kendall, WA
Whatcom County
Grove Kendall Creek Project
Grove Kendall Creek
Kendall, WA
Whatcom County

Last updated: November 2, 2015
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