South Florida Ecological Services Field Office
Southeast Region


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Staff Directory
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Phone: (772) 562-3909
Fax: (772) 562-4288

Florida State Supervisor Office


Williams, Larry State Supervisor   469-4251
Foster, Victoria Chief of Staff 469-4269
Kelso, LeeAnn Executive Assistant 469-4251

Public Affairs

Warren, Ken Public Affairs Specialist   469-4323

South Florida Field Office Senior Management

Hinzman, Roxanna Field Supervisor Ecological Services 469-4309
Progulske, Bob Everglades Program Supervisor Everglades Restoration 469-4299

Budget and Administration

Annis, Janice Budget Analyst   469-4233
Blacknell, Mark Administrative Officer Supervisor 469-4272
Bowser, Patricia Office Automation Assistant Receptionist, Mail 469-4221
Cardenas, Sandra Office Automation Assistant Ecological Services 469-4276
McCoy, Tyson Program Support Specialist Personnel 469-4260

Supervisory Fish and Wildlife Biologists

Breen, Timothy Everglades Restoration North Region 469-4239
Blackford, Ashleigh Planning and Conservation Resources East Coast Region 469-4246
Cassler, Constance Planning and Conservation Resources West Coast Region 469-4243
Hartley, Dana Endangered Species   469-4236
Meyer, Miles Everglades Restoration South Region 469-4269

Professional Biology Series Staff

Bauer, Emily Endangered Species Ecologist 469-4335
Begazo, Alfredo Planning and Conservation Resources Charlotte, DeSoto, Hardee, Polk, Sarasota, Migratory Birds 469-4234
Bender, David Endangered Species Botanist 469-4294
Christopherson, Shawn Planning and Conservation Resources Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Manatee Projects 469-4336
Fike, Richard Everglades Restoration South Region 469-4262
Halupa, Paula Endangered Species   469-4257
Hamilton, Marla Everglades Restoration North Region 469-4271
Harris, Delta Everglades Restoration North Region 469-4247
Howe, Jeffrey Planning and Conservation Resources Coastal Construction, Beach Projects 469-4283
Kelso, Charles Planning and Conservation Resources Martin, Palm Beach, Hendry 469-4241
Knight, Marilyn Endangered Species   469-4297
Landrum, Elizabeth Planning and Conservation Resources   469-4304
Martin, Ted Planning and Conservation Resources Osceola, Indian River, Okeechobee, St. Lucie 469-4232
Miller, Lori Everglades Restoration Hydrologist 469-4231
Mortellaro, Steve Everglades Restoration North Region 469-4322
Palmer, Kevin Everglades Restoration South Region 469-4280
Peterson, Mary Planning and Conservation Resources   469-4327
Pitts, Patrick Everglades Restoration South Region 469-4250
Powell, Brian Planning and Conservation Resources   469-4315
Roybal, Art Everglades Restoration North Region 469-4317
Salvato, Mark Endangered Species   469-4340
Schubert, Steve Everglades Restoration North Region 469-4249
Sneckenberger, Sandra Planning and Conservation Resources   469-4321
Tipton, Heather Endangered Species 469-4296
Traxler, Steve Everglades Restoration South Region 469-4265
Wrublik, John Planning and Conservation Resources Transportation 469-4282

Technical Support

Caron, Andrew IT Specialist (contractor) 469-4263
Glass, Steven Cartography Technician 469-4238
Joe Sidoryk IT Specialist (contractor) 469-4252
Vacant Cartographer 469-4225

Avon Park Air Force Range Sub-Office

Vacant Fish and Wildlife Biologist 452-4213

Naples Sub-Office

Dryden, Kimberly Fish and Wildlife Biologist Everglades Restoration, South Region 657-8016
Shindle, David Florida Panther Coordinator 657-8013
Thomas, Daryl Fish and Wildlife Biologist Everglades Restoration, South Region 657-8015
Last updated: July 13, 2015
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